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Nervous Patients

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Feeling Nervous About Your Dental Appointment?

For many patients, the moment before a dental appointment is a very anxious time. It can also prevent them from seeing a dentist and receiving the care they need. At West Dulwich Dental, we are patient and sympathetic, and work with you to reduce any anxiety you may have about your visit or your treatment.

No matter how nervous a patient you may be, it is never too late to improve your smile and lose your fear of seeing the dentist. It is important not to feel embarrassed about talking to us as we are happy to offer the reassurance and support you need to come in and see us. Feel free to ask all the questions you need so you get control and understand the procedures and what it all entails.

Dental treatment is not what it used to be – many improvements have been made over the years to allow improvements to techniques for better pain relief. Pain free dentistry is what we aim for at West Dulwich Dental. We like to help anxious patients overcome their fears and get the smile they have always dreamed off.

We can certainly arrange for you to be sedated if you choose, but we also find that a lot of our nervous patients find peace of mind with us and often choose not to be sedated. Whatever your decision, the team at West Dulwich Dental aims to make your visit as calm and relaxed as possible. We can offer guidance and support throughout, so don’t let your dental fears prevent you from looking after your teeth.